Dinner 2002

Annual Dinner

The annual dinner was held at Hundith Hill and attended by almost 100 members and guests. Following Mike Chappell's proposal for a toast to the Sailing Club, in which he recalled his early memories of joining the club, Miles Middleton replied on behalf of the Club. The prizegiving by Bobby Middleton followed, with more than 90 trophies being awarded.

Flying 15 champions Scott Beattie and John Somerville

GP14 champions Phil Smith and Toggle Cowan

Mirror champions Tim and Rob Smith (who knows which is which?)

The Consistency Trophy was awarded to Florence Carruthers for bringing copious amounts of pork pies for the men each Sunday! The Roger Pryde Memorial Trophy was awarded to Rob Smith.

Consistency Trophy was awarded to Florence Carruthers for 'the pork pies'

Weebles wobble but they won't fall down??

Did these ladies have to sing for their supper?

Adrian (Mole aged 57) must have been enjoying himself a little too much - apart from leaving trophies, specs, etc. behind the following diary page was found.

Saturday 23rd
What have I let myself in for this time? Why did I offer to give a speech? Do I really dare to reveal that name?! 'Course, I will. That'll teach Neil Currie for trying to bully me all those years ago - he knows fine well that, when he's on port, he has to give way to a starboard boat - even if it is me in that boat! A couple more drinks is all I need for some dutch courage.

What a night. The speech went well. Did I really call Mike Moore a gentleman? And I picked up more prizes than ever before.

Time for bed, big day tomorrow...........

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