Prize Giving 05

Annual Dinner

The fifty fourth annual dinner was held at Broughton Craggs hotel nr Cockermouth. As ever, members and guests were dressed so formally that no-one would readily link them with sailing.

In proposing a toast to the club, Tim Chittenden set the scene and retold the events of the battle of Trafalgar, and explained how it was a precursor to yacht racing. The photos show Nelson's message to the fleet - England expects that every man will do his duty. However, the observant ones amongst you may notice that Tim's message must be in some alternative language!

In response, commodore Mik Chappell retold key events of the season. A sweep stake on the length of speeches would not normally permit one of the speakers to take part, however, Mik's estimate of 12 minutes for his own speech was so far from the result he almost had his money returned!

Prizes were handed out by Claire Kirkpatrick and Sue Watson, and a disco followed.


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