Birthday Blues?

Perhaps not, but there was a lot of karaoke singing going on - the three key singers of the evening being Jose, our Commodore, her son Philip, and Emily Carruthers.

We're not sure what the Easter bunny used to get up to but an abbreviated version of the singing went like this

Happy Birthday to John
Happy Birthday to Claire
Happy Birthday to J-o-s-Eeeee
Happy Birthday to Dee

Emily & El Commodore
We did warn that it was a special birthday party. We already let slip that Helen Knowles has just reached that milestone of 40.

So who else could it be?

Click to find out!

All in all a great night, enjoyed by all - including these Bass Babes!

More of the karaoke singers

and that diary....

Saturday - No string soup, but lots of profiteroles (yummee), lots of singing (did I really do that?), and lots of fun! What better way could I have celebrated a full 40 years, and then William reminds me that tomorrow I start my 41st year!! You can go off people.

No doubt he'll tell the rest of Cumbria just in case they hadn't heard - perhaps there'll be a two day power strike?

Monday - No luck with the power strike! Everyone thinks Ginge's real name must be William!